Customizing Forms
Customer Ordering
  • Client can login and order reports.
  • Clients can order though FTP
  • Client can order XML email
  • Client can send Custom Excel Spreadsheet
Custom Services
  • Add a single question to a form
  • Build a custom form
  • Build a complete custom report
  • Build custom cover sheet
  • Add specific recommendation to a report
  • Add derogatory answers on a report in Red
  • Mark Hazard Photos With a red box around the photo
  • Add specific type of cost evaluations to a report.
  • Can be sent to the original person that ordered
  • Can be sent to the account manager or Underwriter
  • Can be sent to multiple emails
  • Can be sent to FTP
  • Can be sent to the Agent
Final Report Delivery
  • We can inject client specific recommendations
  • We can show rec's on cover sheets, reports, or both
  • We can send rec letter to insured, agent or both
  • We can customize the letter with your name and logo
Custom Recommendations
Additional Website Items
  • Built in messaging system on each report
  • Reports can be trace/tracked online
  • Reports can be rejected if addt'l info needed
  • reports can be reopened online if needed
  • Status reports can be run on time service
  • Status reports can be run on agent rec's
  • Order conformation page can be email or messaged
  • Custom Satellite Photos from 5 angles

We would like to make our clients feel as if they are all part of what we do.  We want our client to know that we are here to help them.

We can customize our website to work for our clients.  If you have something you would like to see changed, modified or suggest to us how we can make the wesite better for you, then please email or call us.